Dementia Home Care Services for Alzheimer’s Patients

Dementia is a term which describes a number of conditions that cause damage to brain cells. Alzheimer’s disease is the most common cause of Dementia but there are many different types of this illness – over a hundred in fact. They include Frontal Temporal (also known as Picks), Lewy Body, Vascular, and many more.

Dementia is progressive, which means the symptoms will get worse over time. How quickly Dementia progresses depends entirely on the individual. Each person will have their own unique experience with Dementia and this will impact on their individual requirements for Dementia care services.

Dementia is characterised by a gradual deterioration in memory and so impacts on the person’s ability to carry out everyday activities, make decisions, understand information and express themselves. Dementia may also affect a person’s mood and personality.

Dementia Home Care Services: How Can We Help?

We are passionate believers that every person has the right to remain in their own home by accessing quality care and support in relation to Dementia home care. We experience the benefits of supporting those with Dementia to remain in their own homes first-hand on a daily basis.

As a 100% Nurse Owned Home Care Company, we support the research that shows by remaining in familiar surroundings with a regular routine and with the right support, a person with Dementia will maintain their independence for a longer period of time. Our home carers are enthusiastic and committed to caring for our clients with Dementia, helping them to live comfortably within the environment they are most familiar with – their own homes.

At Be Independent Home Care our Dementia home care team are specifically trained and experienced in person centred Dementia home care. Our highly-trained carers know about the different types and stages of the condition, and they are experienced in helping people and their families cope with the challenges that Dementia care brings about on a daily basis.

Our Home Care Team can assist with each client’s particular needs such as:

  • Intellectual mind-stimulating activities (in the early stages) such as:
    • Discussion of past and topics of interest
    • Word games
    • Puzzles
    • Music
    • Practical activities such as baking or indoor gardening
  • Reminiscence therapy
  • Conversation and companionship assistance
  • Getting out and about
  • Help with washing, bathing, mobilising and toileting
  • Help with producing healthy and nutritional meals
  • Respite care to give family carers time off
  • Overnight care
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Contact Us about Home Care for Alzheimer’s Patients in Dublin

If you would like to explore the options outside of residential care homes for Dementia, contact one of our Nurse Care Managers to discuss our Dementia home care services and maintaining your loved one’s independence. Call us on 01 8283030 or send us an email [email protected].