Supporting our carers is a key priority for Be Independent. We are proud of our carers. They make a significant difference in the lives of our clients and to society in general.

Be Independent carers empower clients to stay in their own homes at a time when they are at their most vulnerable. Training and support provided for our carers is over and above what is required by regulations.

Our carers can be confident that they are part of a great team. We know that one size doesn’t fit all and we pride ourselves on finding the right fit for our clients and our carers. Clients are matched to carers following an assessment process. Considerations include level of care required and availability but also personality, temperament and skills. This “matching” is core to the success of the relationship.

What our carers say

Our clients have all had their own life journeys and it’s a privilege to assist them at the end of these. Together with our clients’ families, we are a team and our priority is to ensure our clients receive the highest quality of care in their homes. Our carers have the support of the nurse led management team. Evidence shows that carers stay with Be Independent and if they move on it’s unlikely to be to other homecare companies. Our very positive review ratings including 4.7/5 on Indeed and 4.9/5 on Facebook are proof of this.

Be Independent Benefits

  • Paid holidays/sick pay/refer a friend compensation/enhanced Sunday and bank holiday rates.
  • Ongoing training and support including our Call Team and Out of Hours Support.
  • Provide incremental pay increases to our team and pay civil service mileage rates for carers who are driving as part of their role.
  • Offer guaranteed contracts at lower levels of hours than other companies.
  • Loyalty to Be Independent is supported through incremental pay increases for length of service and opportunities for promotional positions within the company.
  • Christmas bonus and monthly awards for Carer of the Month where 4 carers receive One4all vouchers.

Carers are matched to individual needs and services and there are opportunities to provide care 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Different types of availability are catered for, e.g. weekend only, mornings only Mon-Fri, 3/4 contracts. We work with our carers to ensure that realistic, geographically practical schedules are built.

Training and Supports for Carers

Superior levels of support are provided to carers when they are new to the company particularly when they are new to caring employment. The priority is to set our carers up for success so we provide additional assistance and support through supervisors, schedulers and shadowing with experienced carers. The positive feedback from our Client Care Surveys proves this.

Be Independent is Nurse led and managed and the quality of our care is overseen by our Clinical Quality Manager. Ensuring our carers have what they need is crucial for their success. Weekly meetings are held to discuss any additional support needed for the team of carers. This includes training, visa application support, meet the team days, suggestion boxes and newsletters. The cost of the course and the training time is covered including compulsory QQI modules. Paid 2 full days training to complete further training or skills development is facilitated. New Be independent carers are provided with double the amount of shadow work that is required by industry regulations.

We work alongside the HSE, Primary Care and Multi Disciplinary Teams to deliver the best care for our clients.


Be Independent was shortlisted as a finalist (8 out of over 200 companies) at the Irish Health Care Centre Awards 2023.

Be Independent carer shortlisted as one of the top 3 finalists in Carer of the Year at the Home and Community Care Ireland Awards.

How to join the team

Simply apply here via our enquiry form and one of our team will get back to you. You may also view current vacancies here.

Frequently asked questions

Ideally applicants will have minimum of 6 months paid professional experience.

Applicants should have minimum of 2 QQI level 5 modules completed, Care Skills and Care of the Older Person, or equivalent. However BIHC can fund and support you in completing these modules if you have relevant experience in care.
We offer both part- and full-time contracts to suit your lifestyle.
No. We can consider applicants that use public transport, walk or cycle.
We provide home care services to our elderly clients in the community. You will provide care to our clients in their home. Care services range from companionship, personal care, to palliative care.