Why Choose Home Care ?

At Be Independent Home Care we understand that the vast majority of people in Ireland would like to stay in their own home and remain connected to their communities. As health care professionals, we know clinical research has revealed that people stay healthier and recover more quickly from illness or surgery in the comfort of their own home.

Treating our clients as unique individuals and paying personal attention to each client’s particular needs is at the core of how we operate. We approach each client case differently and most importantly listen to our clients wishes. For example, we do not treat a client with Dementia by saying that they are a Dementia patient, but instead we carry out a detailed assessment which might identify that along with Dementia this particular client may also have mobility issues. We recognise that another client who might also have Dementia may not have mobility issues, but may need personal grooming assistance. Each case is treated differently and with the utmost sensitivity.

We frequently find that many of our clients need assistance with everyday ordinary errands such as food shopping, to dressing and washing themselves when they get up in the morning. The advantage of Be Independent Home Care is that we offer home care for just a few hours a week or where needed, 24 hour care. Our clients or their nominated point of contact decide how much support they want to have.

Some benefits of choosing care in your home include:

Helps you retain your independence.Gives you choice and control over your care.Simple things like having a companion to go shopping with can make all the difference.

Individualized support tailored to your needs.One-on-one home care means the carer is always available to help with activities of daily living on your terms. Maintaining continuity leads to psychological wellbeing.

Stay connected to your community:Remain in your house, in your community, on your terms.

Stay Well:Research shows people stay healthier and recover quicker from illness in the comfort of their own home.

Minimise the risk of infection:Hospital acquired infections are becoming an increasing risk in nursing homes and hospitals. Staying at home means avoiding this risk.

Eat what you like when you like:A carer can make healthy and nutritional meals that you enjoy at a time that suits you!

Transportation:A carer can accompany the client out and about and to and from various appointments they may have.

More cost effective:Homecare can be more cost effective in comparison to residential care. Up to 41% tax relief can be claimed by the person paying the bill.