It took six years just to write the national ageing strategy but it seems that there is no still urgency by the State towards implementing the plan, writes Justin Moran It is eight years since a government — not even the last one, but the one before that — started on a strategy for positive ageing. It took six years just to write it. Today, […]

27th of April 2015: Growing old waiting for aging strategy to be implemented

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This article by Conor Kane in the Irish Times is an interesting read for those who like so many of our Be Independent Home Care clients are affected by Alzheimer’s. Prof John Nolan, a Fulbright Scholar and European Research Council-funded Fellow, said Alzheimer’s is the single most common form of dementia, affecting an estimated 48,000 people in Ireland. Researchers have found that Alzheimer’s patients have […]

15th of April 2015: Alzheimer’s patients’ sight significantly worse, research finds

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Preventing falls for our older clients in the community is paramount in Be Independent Home Care. This article from the Nursing Times confirms why when we see the statistics that show “around 30% of people over the age of 75 in England will have at least one fall each year, rising to 50% for those aged 80 or above, according to NICE. About 5% of […]

26th of March 2015: Preventing falls in Home Care

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This article by Sylvia Thompson in The Irish Times is well worth a read. Maeve Montgomery is a dementia adviser with the Alzheimer Society of Ireland and in this article she addresses many myths and fears that we in Be Independent Home Care encounter in our work with those with dementia in Home Care in the community. “My job as a dementia adviser in the […]

6th of March 2015: “A week in my role as a dementia adviser”

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Irish Dementia Working Group lobby is focusing on raising awareness of disease From Sligo, Helen is chairwoman of the Irish Dementia Working Group lobby and a member of the monitoring group on the Government strategy. She also has dementia. Depending on the moment, Helen Rochford Brennan’s husband calls her the “Helen that was” or the “Helen that is”, she explains, offering a glimpse of […]

5th of January 2015: Diagnosis with dementia is a ‘tremendous shock’

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As we near the end of a very busy year in Be Independent Home Care, we are thinking of those clients who passed away during the year. We miss them and are thinking of their families this Christmas. We are extremely grateful to have been part of their lives and to have learnt so much from them and we know they remain close and are […]

Be Independent Home Care 2014: Reflections

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