As a Nurse Owned and Nurse Managed provider of Home Care Services, Be Independent Home Care are not at all surprised by this report on And we agree 100%! Why should Nurses work for peanuts in a health system that pushes them to the absolute limit? We hear people say “but it should not be about the money they should do it for the satisfaction of caring for people”. Well we can certainly report there is lots and lots of pleasure having the luxary of providing one on one care in Home Care but very often little satisfaction to be gained working in an Irish hospital trying to deliver care in the current system ! Good Luck with the Campaign!


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HSE showing ‘total disrespect’ for Nurses


“Nursing unions have decided to ‘broaden and intensify’ their campaign against government plans to hire graduate nurses on a reduced salary. Last month, the HSE said that it had been approved by the government to recruit the nurses to the public health service this year. As part of the initiative, the nurses were to be given a two-year contract and be paid a rate of 80% of the first point of the salary scale for a staff nurse – €22,000 versus the current rate of just over €26,000.

The HSE insisted that this would allow graduates to ‘gain substantial clinical experience to further their career, with the security of a two-year contract and salary’.

However, both the Irish Nurses and Midwives Organisation (INMO) and the Psychiatric Nurses Association (PNA), which represent over 45,000 nurses and midwives, are opposing the proposal, describing it as a ‘cheap labour scam’. Earlier this month, over 500 new nursing graduates attended a rally in Dublin’s Croke Park to protest against the initiative. At the rally, they agreed to boycott the scheme.

The HSE began advertising the jobs on January 11, however according to the INMO, applications have been ‘minimal’ and the deadline, which was to be January 18, has now been extended to February 1.”