As we near the end of a very busy year in Be Independent Home Care, we are thinking of those clients who passed away during the year. We miss them and are thinking of their families this Christmas. We are extremely grateful to have been part of their lives and to have learnt so much from them and we know they remain close and are looking out for us now.

We are also thinking how incredibly grateful we are to have the most fantastic team of home care assistants who have provided such wonderful care and support to our clients all year long. It continuously amazes us what incredibly decent, generous and kind people we have the privilege of working with.

We are also extremely grateful to all of our clients and our client’s families who have made this year such an enjoyable and rewarding one.

Be Independent Home Care had three main aims when setting up, one was to provide a worthwhile service that really makes a difference to people’s lives, the second was to work with kind and decent carers and clients and the third to really enjoy what we do! Thank you to everyone for helping us to achieve all of these aims in 2014 !

Happy Christmas !