Our objective at Be Independent Home Care is to provide support to our clients to ensure they stay as independent and healthy as possible. To this end we build relationships with our multidisciplinary colleagues in those communities in which we operate in order to ensure we can help our clients access the most appropriate services in close partnership with all of our clinical and health care colleagues. At Be Independent Home Care we believe that physiotherapy has a crucial part to play in this multidisciplinary referral system to help promote independently maintained healthy lifestyles. To this end we have recently teamed up with The Physio Company to make chartered physiotherapy services an option for our clients who would like to be treated in the comfort of their own home. Some of the common conditions that The Physio Company can treat in the home setting are Stroke, Arthritic issues, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinsons, Post-Surgical conditions such as  total hip or knee replacements, falls and balance problems, palliative care for positioning and passive exercise and all of the conditions that they treat in their 16 clinics. The Physio Company is an award winning, innovative and forward thinking Chartered Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Clinic provider. To learn more about The Physio Company please visit www.thephysiocompany.com