Fantastic! As Wimbledon Final weekend beckons how brilliant to see this gentleman still playing tennis at 95 years of age! Watch Artin here on BBC

Armenian-born Artin Elmayan lives and breathes tennis, playing the sport three times a week to stay fit and healthy.

The sports fan is the oldest of a group of 39 men in the ITF’s over-85 ranking, however Elmayan is the only player born before 1920.

‘Eighty-five plus, because there isn’t anyone who’s 90, much less 95. So I have to play against 85-year-olds,’ explained the pensioner, who trains in River Plate, Argentina.

‘I do all right, sometimes I take second place. Last year I won second place twice. It depends on the state of my opponent, and my own. There are no enigmas here.’

As an “aging” very average tennis player myself Artin gives me real hope! Have a great weekend and let the sun shine!