With a severe winter predicted ahead Caitriona O’ Donovan co-founder of Be Independent Home Care is hosting seminars to help older people stay healthy, safe and fit, no matter what the weather’s like. Cold weather can lead to health problems such as pneumonia, strokes, heart attack and depression. Research has shown that those who are over 60 are more vulnerable to these cold-related illnesses. In Ireland it is reported that we have up to 2,000 excess winter deaths each year. So with all this talk of another long, cold, snowy winter ahead the health specialists at Be Independent Home Care are delivering seminars throughout Dublin which will focus on practical tips for how older people can stay healthy and fit during the winter months ahead.


The first seminar is to be presented by Be Independent Home Care to the Malahide Ladies Club members on the 5th of October 2011 in the Grand Hotel Malahide. The Malahide club is one of many that are part of the nationwide federation called the Irish Federation of Women’s Clubs (IFWC). The Malahide club is open to any age. engages in a huge range of activities in its meetings, including art, poetry, creative writing, pitch and putt, day trips and lectures with invited guest speakers. Upcoming trips are planned for the club, who will for example, head off to Munich for a weekend away. They are also going to see Mama Mia in the Grand Canal Theatre over the coming weeks.


Thanks are due to Club President, Teresa Rooney, who invited us to present to the Group. 


A series of similar presentations are to follow to Active Retirement Ireland groups in Malahide, Howth, Clontarf and Portmarnock. To find out more about Active Retirement Ireland you can visit thie website http://www.activeirl.ie/


Active Retirement Ireland is a national network of over 500 local Active Retirement Associations with over 23,000 members. ARI believes that older people have the right to be full and participative members of our society. ARI combats ageism through the reality and everyday work of the self-organised local associations and the regional councils. ARI has a large voluntary base with local, regional and national voluntary committees.

The purpose of Active Retirement Ireland is to enable retired people to enjoy a full and active life and to advocate for them.