At the end of this busy and rewarding year for Be Independent Home Care, we are thinking of those clients who we were so fond of who passed away during the year. We miss them and are thinking of their families this Christmas.
We are also thinking how incredibly grateful we are to our fantastic team of home care assistants who have provided such wonderful care and support to our clients all year long. We are also extremely grateful to all of our clients and our client’s families who have made this year such an enjoyable and rewarding one.

Be Independent Home Care had three main aims when setting up, one was to provide a worthwhile service that really makes a difference to people’s lives, the second was to work with kind and decent carers and clients and the third to really enjoy what we do!
Thank you to everyone for helping us to achieve all of these aims in 2012, particularly those clients who have passed away, who thought us so much and who we know are watching out for us.
Charity Donation 2012: Our Be Independent Home Care charity donation for 2012 was to assist in the recent opening of a Day Care Centre for Disabled Children in Nepal. A great friend of ours Stephen O’ Brien has worked for years in Nepal building Nurseries from Irish donations, a cause which Be Independent Home Care has supported. This year he has opened a school for the disabled. In Nepal because of ingrained discrimination and superstitions about disabled people landlords will not rent rooms for disabled people. The rooms for the Day Centre were previously used to house animals but Stephen and his volunteers scrubbed them out, disinfected them and painted them in bright cheerful colours and carpeted them. The Day Centre has three rooms, a classroom, a physiotherapy room and a kitchen, When they opened two weeks ago they started with fifteen children which has now increased to over twenty five, some stay at the Center all day and some come for one or two hours for physiotherapy. The children have a wide range of both mental and physical disabilities. Training is given to the parents in how to administer physiotherapy to their children at home and also instructions about their general care. Because of social attitudes to disabilities in Nepal parents feel isolated and alone but when they come to the Center they receive great support from the staff and also it’s an opportunity to meet other parents in the same situation. This is a wonderful and a very happy Centre.
Happy Christmas!