This Primetime Report is well worth a watch. It provides super insight into the real benefits of home help/home care and what it really means to those that recieve this support. It is a super reflection of client and carers thoughts on this invaluable service and really relects our daily experiences in Be Independent Home Care.

It has been government policy for decades in Ireland to support people at home in the community. It is a fact that home care and home help support does help keep people in their home and out of hospital. If cuts are made they will simply have one result and that is an increase in hospital admissions and more pressure on the hospital system. Home Care and Home Help often is the most appropriate care in the most cost effective setting.

As Eamonn Timmons of Age Action Ireland says we just have to hope that the reported loss of hours is as the HSE say a “technical adjustment” due to a misreporting mistake in one health office area and they will deliver the 10.3 million hours promised in 2013.

Watch the Primetime programme here on the RTE Player